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About SpeedReading International (SRI)

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Founded in 1979, Speed Reading International is a specialist training organization with a range of speed-reading, time-saving & productivity-improving training & coaching resources.  The speed reading courses were developed by Bruce W Stewart, an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (RSA) Instructor & Institute Director, with more than 28 years experience in teaching speed-reading & information-management skills to more than 25000 people on 4 continents. 

The SRI range of speed reading courses include SuperReading, ExecuRead, ExecuRead for Students & ExecuRead HomeStudy.

SpeedReading International has its head-office in the USA and regional offices in England and South Africa. Speed-reading training courses are presented world-wide. 

Why use SRI for your training?
At Speed Reading International, we are concerned with ONE primary objective  - to teach you a skill that YOU will find valuable in your studies, your business and your life.
We do NOT sell courses. We are NOT selling a 'package' of books & tapes that will decorate your office or home. And we do NOT walk away once we have your money.

We offer you a lifetime partnership. Your success - your ability to assimilate & process knowledge faster & more efficiently than ever before - will be our success - no advertising that we can ever do is more credible than a personal endorsement & referral from a satisfied customer. This is why all we have to sell is Time & Expertise as we work with you in the achievement of the Skill. It would be easy to simply sell you a course - but that is all you would have bought - a course. Courses will not save you Time, nor will they save you Money. Our job only ends when you have the Skill you want and need. This can take anything from 2 HOURS (in our basic courses) to 8 WEEKS in our comprehensive course.

And we have been doing this for more than 25 years.

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