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On this page, we will be including a number of items - articles, games, programs - which you are free to download for own usage. These items have been scanned with the latest in anti-virus software and have been found "virus-free".

Desk-top Timer  TimeMe.exe is our customized desk-top timer with "count-up" and "count-down" timer functions. Ideal for keeping track of elapsed time, setting time-objectives and for daily concentration practice sessions. [199KB]

Use your Finger For parents and teachers. Encourage children to read with their finger on the page. If you doubt this, read this article (DOC). [26KB]

Fog Index
Use this measure to rate the complexity of written material (PDF). [47KB]

HomeStudy Order
To order the HomeStudy program via Fax or USPS, download an Order Form in PDF format.