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The ExecuRead Skills Package

*   Learn to read 2 - 5 times faster to save Time
*   Increase comprehension & retention for better Productivity
*   Learn Preview skills for defining reading Purpose
*   Learn Mind-Mapping to improve Memory, Recall and Structure
*   Study-reading skills for technical & complex material
*   Survival-reading skills for job/time-critical reading
*   Reconnaissance-reading skills for managing information, both company-internal & company-external
*   Global-reading skills for general knowledge enhancement
*   Skills for "joining-the-dots"
*   Smart-reading skills for email administration & spam-management
*   Smart-reading skills for newspapers, magazines, journals, reports
*   Mind-mapping for memory & recall development
*   Collaboration techniques for reading distribution-list material

ExecuRead Graduates process information faster, smarter and more efficiently. With better concentration, comprehension, retention & recall.

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