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Speed Reading Courses for Teachers

This course will enable you to :

1. Save hours a day grading test & term papers. 6. Increase the academic performance & test
scores of your students.
2. Save hours a day preparing for classes. 7. Develop applied reading skills for background & research reading.
3. Expand your knowledge base through increased & diverse additional reading opportunities. 8. Increase productivity by learning more in
less time than ever before.
4. Remember what you have read & studied,
with recall & mind-mapping skills.
9. Increase academic-reading "scanning" speeds and
"rate-to-purpose" reading skills -- "Scanning-for-Relevance" versus "Study-for-Detail".
5. Develop mind-mapping skills for
class preparation plans.
10. Increase general knowledge & enrich your teaching profession.

* 10 hours of classroom-based training.
* Private On-campus Courses available.
* Guaranteed Results.

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Client Comments

Increased my son’s ACT score by 25% & won him a scholarship. Lynn Chism – High School Principal
Enlightening & practical. Marla Palmer – Principal S/W School
Improves study skills, recall & reading habits. Shannon Bowman - English Teacher
Using these skills with my 6th-Graders.
Christina Stamps - Teacher
Highly recommended.
Jim Siemer - Ass’t Principal S/W Schools
Truly amazing!
Mike Fogleman - Professional Development Manager, Unifi University
One of the most useful courses I've ever taken.
Lynne Chism, High School Principal
British Literature Award for achieving the highest grade in my school class.
Jennifer Quan, Student
Ranked #1 in my Senior High School Class & received $71k in scholarships. Dane Grismer, Student
Great help at Law School. Diana Stinaroff, Student, New York Law School
Very practical for MBA program, technical reading & pleasure reading. Jeff Morgan, Transamerica
Revolutionized my reading. Elie Rosen, Brown University
A breakthrough with a very big reward. Stefan Stern, MBA Student, Kenan-Flagler Business School
A new method study that I will be able to leverage for the rest of my career. Rick Inmon, Bank of America