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Speed Reading Courses for Executives & Managers

This course will enable you to :

1. Manage daily e-mail effectively without the risk of "losing" important mail. 5. Create time to improve general knowledge reading through literature, magazine & journal reading.
2. Read your daily local, national & international newspapers before your first cup of morning coffee. 6. Comprehend & remember what you have read through effective recall & mind-mapping skills.
3. Increase reading & studying productivity in both technical & non-technical material. 7. Develop business-reading "scanning" skills to prioritize reading tasks and leverage your time.
4. Manage daily office & business-related reading in less time than ever before. 8. Save hours each day in reading time through "Rate-to-Purpose" reading such as "Scanning-for-Gist" versus "Study-for-Depth" reading.

* 10 hours of classroom-based training.
* Public & In-house (on-site) Courses available.
* Guaranteed Results.

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Client Comments

Invaluable! John Opalko, Microsoft Corp
Excellent course – very practical for MBA program, technical reading & pleasure reading.
Jeff Morgan, Transamerica
Huge productivity gain in only 10 hrs. Richard McNellis, Dept of Health
Taught us how to think about why we are reading, to determine how quickly to read & how
much detail is important.
Debbie Peterson, Money Counts
Extraordinarily beneficial for CEOs. Tim O’Connor – CEO, Vertical*I, NY
Fabulous course; impact is immediate & significant. Ellen Linares, Northwestern Mutual
A new study method that I will be able to leverage for the rest of my career. Rick Inmon, Bank of America

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