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You Are what you Read - Facts about Reading

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"Reading is the Key to Knowledge. Knowledge is the ultimate Weapon against Ignorance.”

Some Critical Facts

The average person in business reads no faster than people did 100 years ago.

The average reading speed is 200 – 250 words a minute in non-technical material – roughly 2 minutes per page. If you doubt this, test your reading speed - there is a reading speed test elsewhere in this site

In technical material, the average reading rate is approx 50 – 75 words a minute – roughly 5 – 6 minutes per page.

Total information is doubling every 9 months.

Therefore we have to process information faster and faster just to maintain our existing knowledge level.

360 000 new titles are published each year in the English language alone.

However, the average American college graduate only reads 5 books in his/her post-college lifetime.

We therefore end up knowing more and more about less, and less and less about just about everything else.

In business, the average person spends 2 hours a day on work-related information management.

90% of this information will be acquired by reading.

2 hours per day spent reading is 25% of a workday, 25% of a work-year. On an average salary package of $100K including benefits, leave, office overheads, this is a $25K a year cost to the company.

On a 36-hour working week, that employee is costing the company approx $50 per hour.

To expand a business, you either need more resources (increased overheads) or better utilization of existing resources (increased profits).

By simply DOUBLING the knowledge management reading rate, you free up at least 1 hour a day. On 20 people, you ‘create’ an additional 100 man-hours per week AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE COMPANY. We guarantee to at least DOUBLE your rate – our average is a 3 – 5 times increase.

These additional man-hours are an asset and can be re-invested in acquiring new skills, investigating new opportunities or in overhead cost management.

In an hourly-billing organization, 100 additional billable hours per week has a profit-potential of $10 000 per week.

To train 20 people to DOUBLE their knowledge management reading rate, requires a once-only investment of as little as $3900

In the first year alone, this investment will ‘create’ an additional 5200 man-hours, a ‘saving’ of $260 000 in knowledge management time and giving you a return on your investment of over 6000 percent.

At college or university, the average student spends 4 to 5 hours a day reading and studying.

The cost of a 3-year college degree is approx $40 000.

The cost of an MBA degree is approx $40 000

The cost of failure plus the cost of missed opportunities over a working life-time is considerable.

To train 20 college students to DOUBLE their knowledge management reading rate, costs as little as $175 per student. We guarantee to at least DOUBLE your rate – our average is a 3 – 5 times increase.

For the individual, you ARE what you READ.

Reading creates knowledge – both specialist and general knowledge.

Knowledge is wisdom – the ability to consider and evaluate new information relative to what is already known.

Reading creates vocabulary and an increased ability to communicate.

Reading has been described as “vicariously experiencing life through the eyes of another.”

So what does Speed Reading Int'l do for you?

We train people to read 2 – 10 times faster.

With better comprehension, concentration, retention and recall.

To manage the flow of new information, to analyze and assimilate new information in terms of what you want and need.

To maximize on opportunities contained in huge volumes of printed and electronic material.

To communicate information at many times the speed of verbal communication.

To develop rate-to-purpose reading skills.

To develop Mind-mapping skills for better recall and memory.

To develop Note-taking and note-making skills for seminars, meetings and presentations.

To acquire a competitive edge over your competitors.

To achieve Winning Results.

If you believe that you or your company would benefit from being able to process information more productively and more efficiently, call Bruce Stewart NOW, on 704.844.1064.

If you want to increase productivity and increases profits, call Bruce Stewart NOW, on 704.844.1064.

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