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SuperReading - the ultimate "Full-Throttle" speed reading course.

24 hours of classroom training over 4 - 8 weeks plus daily home-practice. Focus is on maximizing reading speeds. Average speed increase is X20 (300 words per minute to 6000 words per minute). Maximum speed ever achieved is 150,000 words per minute with 95% comprehension (as measured with a standardized comprehension test) (Full story).

The Speed Reading International SuperReading course was developed by Dr Bruce W Stewart, an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Instructor & Institute Director (RSA) since 1975.


* 24 hours of classroom-based training over 4 to 8 weeks
* Public & On-site Courses available.
* Guaranteed Results.
* RSA Public Course prices : R5950 per person.
* RSA In-house On-site Group Course prices : POA for 10 participants (plus POA per additional), POA for 15 participants (plus POA per additional participant).