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Endorsements & Testimonials
  Darden Business School
University of Virginia, USA
Kenan-Flagler Business School
University of North Carolina, USA
Maimonides Medical Center : NY, USA
  The Drax Group, Fl, USA   US Dept of Agriculture, NM, USA   Kirtland Air Force Base, NM, USA
  EquiFirst Corp : NC, USA Unifi Corporate University : NC, USA Salomon Smith Barney : NC, USA
  Microsoft : Houston TX, USA Babcock & Wilcox, OH, USA Transamerica, NC, USA
  Dept of Health, FL, USA   Safe Passage Group, NC, USA   Rockville Chamber of Commerce, MD, USA
  Price Waterhouse Coopers : SA Deloitte & Touche : SA Anderson Consulting : SA
  Investec Bank : SA Rand Merchant Bank : SA Reserve Bank : SA
  Denel Aviation : SA Dimension Data : SA Atomic Energy Corp : SA
  Anglo American Corp : SA De Beers : SA Coca-Cola : SA
June 3, 2004 : Letter from Tim Grismer regarding his son.
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for offering your ExecuRead course in Charlotte NC. My son Dane was enrolled in one of your Courses in June of 2002. Dane was between his Sophomore and Junior years in high school. His class is one of the most competitive academically that his school has had in years. We had searched for two years for a speed reading course to help Dane with his demanding study load. We bought a book on speed reading and searched the internet for speed reading courses none of which were effective. Upon hearing about your course in Charlotte we signed Dane up immediately.

Thanks to the skills that Dane gained through your course he was able to triple his reading rate without sacrificing comprehension. The ExecuRead Course played a big part in Dane's successes in the past two years which include the following:
* Charlotte Observer Senior of the Year 2004.
* Ranked number one in his Senior Class at Parkwood High School.
* Over $71,000 in academic scholarships, including a scholarship form the Engineering Department at NC State.
* All American Scholar Athlete.
* President National Honor Society at Parkwood High School.
* Section Secretary of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America.

I have listed these accomplishments to show how busy Dane has been in his academic, sports and civic activities. ExecuRead Speed Reading helped Dane manage his time by increasing his reading speed and comprehension. Thanks again for your good work.

By the way, during scholarship interviews Dane said the interviewers were always interested in hearing about the ExecuRead Course. Sincerely, Tim Grismer

May 30, 2003 Inter-Office Memo
    Mary, I just finished the Dallas Speed Reading course you helped hook me up with. It was two high intensity evenings. Personally, I was kind of skeptical going in, but I feel really jazzed about it, now. In my classroom tests, I boosted my speed by a factor of 9 (yes, 900%)!!! Granted, I will need LOTS and LOTS of practice to maintain and improve, but now I know I can go faster. By the way, my comprehension score was exactly the same at my original rate and at the 9x rate!!! I am still kind of shocked.
    This is an awesome class, and I think it would have a myriad of benefits to anyone out there, especially job seekers. I feel like I have a new edge. I am starting to feel like a sniper on an information hunt, instead of getting bogged down in the weeds.
    I fully endorse the course, and recommend that y'all check it out for use there. He will come in and give classes just to Alcatel-ites if you want.
   I have never been so bowled over by an "advanced education" course to recommend it before. However, this one is THE EXCEPTION. This is a real world benefit. I gained way more out of this than I would a "typical job fair."
Stuart M. Smith
Director, Agent Information and Legal Issues
Cornerstone America : Texas

January 25, 2003
Dear Bruce
    On behalf of our employees, I wish to thank you for your energy and enthusiasm towards learning and especially with your program on Speed Reading. I am hopeful that our employees continue to take advantage of your teachings and capture the power of your techniques.
    The concept of Speed Reading is a new one for Unifi employees and one that mystifies most people. Most of us are swamped with emails, memorandums, trade journals and other types of business reading, so the need for speed reading is acute here. Your promise to increase reading speed at least two-fold is accurate, but the reader must make an effort and do the required homework. This is not a teaching that is simply poured into your mind and changes your life. Like most things in your life, if you want to work for it you can reach your goals.
    Your engaging and experiential style pulls people closer that want to learn. The techniques have shown our employees how to increase speed while retaining comprehension - and it is amazing! The experience is invaluable and will be a tool that Unifi employees can utilize everyday whether at work or at home. Efficiency and time management are but a few of the positive results that will come from Speed Reading.
    We felt the need for speed, and ExecuRead helped us!
    Thanks again
Michael W Fogleman
Unifi University
North Carolina, USA

February 26, 2003
    Dimension Data
has, over the past 2 years, made use of Reading Dynamics RSA as a training vendor for speed reading courses.
    We have made use of the SuperReading course as well as the two-day ExecuRead course, both of which proved highly effective and useful. The trainers proved to be most professional and very effective in their training as well as administration and Dimension Data SA (Pty) Ltd has no hesitation in recommending Reading Dynamics RSA to any organization seeking this specific training.
    Two students of Reading Dynamics RSA currently hold World records for being the fastest readers - this should reflect the level of commitment and effectiveness of the Reading Dynamics RSA speed reading curriculum.
Yours faithfully
Priscille Farinha
Training Administrator
Dimension Data SA (Pty) Ltd

John Opalko : Developer Manager : Microsoft : "A great job. Thank you for your patience with my team. Everyone was able to increase their speed & efficiency. This is a good measure of success for me. The productivity gains will be very valuable."
J Sawyer : .Net Evangelist : Microsoft : "The ability to read & understand at high rates will enable me to keep up with the rapid pace of technology changes."
Jeffrey Tennyson : Chief Operating Officer : EquiFirst Corp : "An excellent job of converting a practical skill into a business tool. The ExecuRead course increased the reading speed of our senior management team by 3.5 to 4 times."
Ellen Linares : Northwestern Mutual : "I took Bruce Stewart's speed reading class and LOVED it. It is a fabulous course and the impact is immediate and significant! The results are spectacular. "
Dana Rhodes : Mingle School of Real Estate : "As a trainer, speaker and instructor I am swamped with all sorts of reading material. ExecuRead unlocked my ability to attack this workload efficiently and effectively. I can now get through my daily reading in one fifth of the time it used to take. ExecuRead has saved me time and money."
Kristen Cowen : Financial Consultant : Salomon Smith Barney : "ExecuRead helped me become more aware of what to expect out of both business and leisure reading. I more than tripled my reading speed."
Robert D Bradley : US Postal Service : "Exactly what I needed for going into night college courses."
Alex Diaz de Villalvilla : Children's Hospital DC : "Though I felt skeptical, there is no doubt that I have improved a great deal. The course contains TONS of great and informative material, not necessarily focused on reading speed. Thank you."
Mike Dougher : US Postal Service : "Thank you for the extremely interesting and valuable session that we just finished.  I also found it challenging and fun.  That I increased my reading speed from 200 words per minute to over 1600 in three 3-hour meetings impresses me; and I was there.  Learning how to cure my ignorance of general knowledge by reading everyday items such as newspapers, magazines and books that provide education, professional information and entertainment is enlightening.  The technique of culling out critical information quickly and focusing my time to these items will increase my productivity instantly.  I will speak to my manager about this training for my peers.  I feel that this is the second most valuable investment for my personal self development; (improving my health at the fitness center is first on my list - Sorry.)"

Dicky Carico : Unifi Inc : "I increased by reading speed more than I thought possible before I took the class.  I am truly grateful to you Bruce and all at ExecuRead USA for what you did for me.  I am also grateful for an employer who is willing to invest work time and company money in me in such a way as this.  ...... This class will pay dividends in ways I cannot even imagine to both me and the company in the future."

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