Reading Comprehension Test

There is only one correct answer for each question.
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1. Total information doubles every ..........
9 months
12 months
18 months
24 months

2. The average college graduate reads no more than ......... books in his/her post-college life-time.

3. The schools' reading training system teaches us to read an average ........ words per minute. (Select closest range.)
150 - 200 words a minute
200 - 250 words a minute
250 - 300 words a minute
300 - 350 words a minute

4. Who made the following statement? "Knowledge is inter-related and fragmenting this knowledge destroys the big picture."
George W Bush 
Senator Bob Graham 
Bruce W Stewart 
Usama Bin Laden

5. In commenting about the Sept 11 attack on America, Senator Bob Graham spokesman Paul Anderson said that FBI and CIA failures and oversights "represented ....... "
"a failure to connect the dots"
"poor intelligence-gathering"
"American complacency"
"a plot to push America into a war in the Middle East"

6. "As knowledge is distributed over an increasing number of people, ..........."
"greater numbers of people will be empowered"
"individual wisdom will increase"
"individual wisdom and enlightenment will diminish"
"the opportunity for failure decreases"

7. Reading for vertical as well as horizontal enlightenment has a number of advantages for the Nation.
Better time utilization
Increased profits
Enhanced competitiveness
All of the above

8. President George Bush upgraded .......... to a domestic national priority.

9. How many words of information should we be processing each day?
10, 000
50, 000

10. Is the following statement True, False or Not Mentioned? "The big question is - will Americans reduce reading volumes to suit available time, or will they increase reading efficiency to suit required reading volumes?"
Not Mentioned

You scored of the questions correct.