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"Speed Reading Courses for Teachers to improve Teacher productivity & time-saving."

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Too much reading to do & not enough time?   Sometimes feel like dumping your desk in the can & starting over?   Email inbox looking like a yard-sale?   Getting worried about falling behind your competitors?

Do something about it now.   Learn to read, comprehend & retain information faster.   Increase productivity.   Save time.   Play more golf.   Make more money.   Spend more time on yourself.

Welcome to Speed Reading International & Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (South Africa) - a family of advanced reading & comprehension courses (now available to the public in Johannesburg & Pretoria and to private groups throughout Southern Africa) designed to accommodate anyone who wishes to learn to read and process information at a faster rate than they do now. In fact, we guarantee that all of our courses will increase your reading speed by more than double your current rate. And that's being modest.

If you're like most folks you probably learned to read left to right, top to bottom - sounding out each syllable of every word you see. It's a painfully slow process, but one that is commonplace in most Western countries. The truth is, the principals taught by Speed
Reading International are becoming more and more prevalent in other parts of the world - and with incredible results.

The speed reading & comprehension courses contained herein were developed by world-renowned Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (South Africa)-trained instructor & institute director
Dr Bruce W. Stewart. The family of SuperReading and ExecuRead programs are the result of 28-years of international speed reading instruction to more than 25000 students on 4 continents. And with a range of courses to choose from, there's sure to be a solution for your particular needs.

We have
Classroom-based & HomeStudy speed reading courses to meet your needs - whether you're a corporate executive, a high-school or college student, a teacher, are in government, medicine, law, real estate, banking, or simply would like to read more as a hobby. And they are all guaranteed to increase your reading speed and retention levels by more than double your current rate. In fact many of our graduates are achieving speeds in excess of 5000 words a minute! Without losing comprehension!

Think about the time you'll save!  Think about what you'll be able to do with that time.  And then think about clicking on one of the speed reading courses at the left to get started. After all, there's no time like the present.  Act Now.  Read Faster.  Save Time.  Be Productive.  Make Money.  Invest in Yourself.

Priscille Farinha - VP Southern Africa
South Africa Help-Desk : Call (012) 817 2093 / 083 327 5449, NOW!

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Dr Bruce Stewart
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RSA Clients include Investec Bank, SA Reserve Bank, IBM, HP, Unisys, Dimension Data, Atomic Energy Corp, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research,
Atlas Aircraft Corp, Denel Aviation, Kentron, Armscor
USA Clients
include the Pentagon, World Bank, Microsoft, Bank of America, Transamerica, Visa, Capital One, USDA, Credit Suisse, Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group, Dept of Health

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