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Speed Reading Courses for Home Study

This course will enable you to :

1. Increase productivity at work & at school. 5. Improve your general knowledge reading.
2. Save time & develop a competitive edge. 6. Study effectively in both technical & non-technical material.
3. Increase your college admission test scores. 7. Better utilize your time by increasing your reading speed, concentration, comprehension & recall.
4. Learn effective skills for reading newspapers, magazines & journals. 8. Expand your skills & knowledge-base.

* SEVEN easy-to-follow lesson modules for learning at Your Pace.
* Hard-copy and Downloadable course options for Your Place learning.
* Guaranteed Upgrade Option to Classroom Training.
* THREE Progress Evaluation tests.
* Telephonic & online support.
* FREE desk-top Reading Timer.
 * Unlimited access to online courses.
Hardcopy Version incl Workbook, tests, practice book &
reading-timer shipped to you.
Download Version incl Workbook, tests & timer. Requires Adobe
Acrobat (free) to open the files. No time-restriction on access to the material.

ExecuRead HomeStudy Course Options


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Upgrade Option : If for any reason you find yourself unable to complete the HomeStudy Course, or, if you feel that after completing the HomeStudy Course, you would like to continue improving your skills in a classroom environment with the assistance of a skilled instructor & coach, you may upgrade your HomeStudy Course and you will receive FULL CREDIT for your HomeStudy Course investment.